About Us

Lucienne objects is a lifestyle brand with a curated selection of unique designer goods for everyday living. Born in Vancouver, BC, we believe that the best products go beyond function to embrace exceptional design and superior quality to truly elevate your lifestyle.
Lucienne objects is inspired by a passion for art, décor and a thoughtful approach to design. We are dedicated to showcasing the designers that share our commitment to a mindful and conscientious creative process and manufacturing. We offer handmade, recyclable products from organic sustainable materials when available and try our best to work with socially conscious and ethical producers and suppliers. Purposeful and well-considered, our collections span life and home goods, accessories, clothing, wall décor and many more.
Driven by two friends, we share a belief that timeless design can be found in every corner of the world and aim to support emerging designers and start-up brands. Lucienne objects is a lifestyle brand, but above all, it’s a place where you can find inspired and meaningful pieces that will become an essential part of your living.