September 09, 2021

designer in spotlight: que onda vos

By Lala Vardanyan
designer in spotlight: que onda vos

Que Onda Vos is a contemporary design label based in the heart of the Mayan world, creating homewares and handmade products. Que Onda Vos’ handmade artisanal products promote awareness through conscious consumption by using traditional weaving techniques and natural materials.

from ti+hann to traditional weaving
Founded in 2013 by Belgian designer Hanne De Wyngaert, a graduate of fashion design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Hanne launched her design label Ti+Hann shortly afterwards. This experience provided the groundwork for the conception of Que Onda Vos, which is Guatemalan street slang for ‘What’s Up?’

the catalyst for exploration
An offhand comment ignited the spark of Quo Onda Vos by an associate about weavers in Guatemala. This intrigued Hanne, and she sought them out. The weavers have a considerable tradition in and knowledge of wool and cotton processing, natural dyes and various weaving techniques. She hoped to begin a collaboration that would create beautiful items, provide jobs, and preserve and promote the age-old tradition of weaving.

woven by hand and history
The result of this cooperation and equal interaction between two cultures is evident in every meticulously made article. All the blankets and rugs are woven using age-old techniques on a backstrap or foot loom. Though the techniques vary from region to region, with differences in design and colour dyes, all the wool is hand-spun and is sturdy enough for an area piece but pliable enough to drape or hang as a decorative fixture.

a voice for preservation
Hanne explains, “It’s also about preserving the age-old tradition of weaving in Guatemala. I hope that my approach will keep young people involved too. A great many young people emigrate, or move to the cities, abandoning the traditional art of weaving because they believe they'll find more, and better-paid, work elsewhere. Those techniques, and that craftsmanship, need to be valued more. It’s a dying tradition of great quality, which will hopefully be given a new future.”

available at Lucienne objects
Que Onda Vos are just one of the curated labels that lucienne objects is pleased to offer on the west coast. With their roots in history, collaboration, sustainability, and natural processes, the pieces are a welcome addition to any home.


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