September 22, 2021

designer in spotlight: anita le grelle

By Lala Vardanyan
designer in spotlight: anita le grelle

Born and raised in Antwerp, Anita Le Grelle is an artist whose imagination and creativity was realized through manipulating matter. She always looked for new artistic ways to express her love of creating, enjoying how people interacted and experienced her work.  

a history of creativity
In university, she focused on sculpture and graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 2000. She settled in Brussels with her family two years later and set up a home studio, carrying on the work she started across in the UK.  

exploring a new medium
As a sculptor, Anita is relentless in exploring creativity, defining her world of inspired fantasy and began exhibiting across Europe with displays consisting of a series crafted with impeccable technical skills. 

 In 2013, she began to experiment with pottery. It is a revelation, ideally suited to her personality. She proceeds to create charming and tasteful enamelled bowls, cups, plates and dishes in natural shades that reference the earth, sky, and ocean. Her pieces attracted the attention of many who sought décor with a refined appearance.  

partnership with serax
Seeking to reach a larger audience, and after many bespoke orders, Anita turned a passion project into a new business - Terres de Rêves.  Formalizing her business drew attention from Serax, and together they grew her company internationally. 

lending sophistication to design and décor
Her company designs porcelain, stoneware and glassware for the homeowner with sophisticated style. Handcrafted and created by Anita's team, Terres de Rêves has become synonymous with the contemporary luxury home. 

Today Anita spends up to twelve hours a day designing homeware collections. She continues to create bespoke ceramics for the world’s most demanding clients, all handcrafted in her Brussels studio, which is open for visitors. 

available at lucienne objects 
The homewares created by the artisans at Terres de Rêves are offered at lucienne objects. If you wish a consult or to begin a discussion about the collection, contact us directly.

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