• designer in spotlight: merci house

    designer in spotlight: merci house

    Merci, located in the heart of the historic Parisian district of Haut-Marais, is a magical place, launched in 2009, where people can shop for the best of fashion and design while enjoying Parisian hospitality in one of the store’s cozy catering facilities.

    To say thanks to all their creative talents, the founders of Merci - Marie-France and Bernard Cohen - offer a platform for young designers, and dedicate a part of the company’s profits to an endowment fund to finance education and development projects in Madagascar.

    a unique vision
    The Cohen’s wanted to create an extraordinary living place that would offer something more than just another store. A place that would bring together fashion, homewares, and restaurants, in which they would share their sensibilities, perspectives, and questions about the world. The approach also involved engaging with artisans, suppliers, farmers and creators and never giving in to the cult of the ‘numbered’ piece or the latest fashion.

    a historical foundation
    Merci set up home in a 19th-century building formerly occupied by a firm making furnishing fabrics and wallpapers. Occupying the entire building, this unique store resembles a large house. Cafés fill even the window displays.

    a place to call home
    Designed to be welcoming rather than intimidating, based around conviviality and pleasure, more than a store, Merci is a haven of warmth and life. It is a consciously chosen destination, a place to go for its unique atmosphere and the pleasurable experience it offers. A surprising concept in an unexpected place and one that is not easily forgotten.

    available at lucienne objects
    A sensitive and responsible art of living boutique in keeping with the times. lucienne objects is pleased to offer items from this beautiful concept store to the western market.


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  • designer in spotlight: vincent van duysen

    designer in spotlight: vincent van duysen

    Vincent Van Duysen is one of Belgium’s most acclaimed architects, interior designers, and product designers. His style builds on purism and the sophisticated use of materials - timeless designs, reduced to their very essence. 

    a european foundation
    Born in 1962 in Lokeren, Belgium, Van Duysen earned a degree from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan, and then collaborated with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp.

    professional history
    In 1989, Vincent Van Duysen Architects was established, and today the firm has grown into a team of almost thirty collaborators with work ranging from product design for numerous international brands to commercial and large-scale architectural projects, focusing on high-end residences both in Belgium or spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

    From the outset, a definite relationship between architecture, interior and product design has been the driving force behind the conception of projects. The use of pure and tactile materials translates into clean, timeless design. 

    recognition & awards
    Van Duysen has received multiple awards, including the Flemish Culture Prize for Design, Belgian Designer of the Year, and the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award. The EDIDA for Best Interior Designer of the Year has been included in the AD100 survey by the Architectural Digest network and Elle Decor A-List multiple times.

    available at lucienne objects
    Functionality, durability and comfort are the prime components of Vincent Van Duysen’s work, and lucienne objects is pleased to provide these pieces to the western market.


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  • designer in spotlight: anita le grelle

    designer in spotlight: anita le grelle

    Born and raised in Antwerp, Anita Le Grelle is an artist whose imagination and creativity was realized through manipulating matter. She always looked for new artistic ways to express her love of creating, enjoying how people interacted and experienced her work.  

    a history of creativity
    In university, she focused on sculpture and graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 2000. She settled in Brussels with her family two years later and set up a home studio, carrying on the work she started across in the UK.  

    exploring a new medium
    As a sculptor, Anita is relentless in exploring creativity, defining her world of inspired fantasy and began exhibiting across Europe with displays consisting of a series crafted with impeccable technical skills. 

     In 2013, she began to experiment with pottery. It is a revelation, ideally suited to her personality. She proceeds to create charming and tasteful enamelled bowls, cups, plates and dishes in natural shades that reference the earth, sky, and ocean. Her pieces attracted the attention of many who sought décor with a refined appearance.  

    partnership with serax
    Seeking to reach a larger audience, and after many bespoke orders, Anita turned a passion project into a new business - Terres de Rêves.  Formalizing her business drew attention from Serax, and together they grew her company internationally. 

    lending sophistication to design and décor
    Her company designs porcelain, stoneware and glassware for the homeowner with sophisticated style. Handcrafted and created by Anita's team, Terres de Rêves has become synonymous with the contemporary luxury home. 

    Today Anita spends up to twelve hours a day designing homeware collections. She continues to create bespoke ceramics for the world’s most demanding clients, all handcrafted in her Brussels studio, which is open for visitors. 

    available at lucienne objects 
    The homewares created by the artisans at Terres de Rêves are offered at lucienne objects. If you wish a consult or to begin a discussion about the collection, contact us directly.

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  • designer in spotlight: que onda vos

    designer in spotlight: que onda vos

    Que Onda Vos is a contemporary design label based in the heart of the Mayan world, creating homewares and handmade products. Que Onda Vos’ handmade artisanal products promote awareness through conscious consumption by using traditional weaving techniques and natural materials.

    from ti+hann to traditional weaving
    Founded in 2013 by Belgian designer Hanne De Wyngaert, a graduate of fashion design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Hanne launched her design label Ti+Hann shortly afterwards. This experience provided the groundwork for the conception of Que Onda Vos, which is Guatemalan street slang for ‘What’s Up?’

    the catalyst for exploration
    An offhand comment ignited the spark of Quo Onda Vos by an associate about weavers in Guatemala. This intrigued Hanne, and she sought them out. The weavers have a considerable tradition in and knowledge of wool and cotton processing, natural dyes and various weaving techniques. She hoped to begin a collaboration that would create beautiful items, provide jobs, and preserve and promote the age-old tradition of weaving.

    woven by hand and history
    The result of this cooperation and equal interaction between two cultures is evident in every meticulously made article. All the blankets and rugs are woven using age-old techniques on a backstrap or foot loom. Though the techniques vary from region to region, with differences in design and colour dyes, all the wool is hand-spun and is sturdy enough for an area piece but pliable enough to drape or hang as a decorative fixture.

    a voice for preservation
    Hanne explains, “It’s also about preserving the age-old tradition of weaving in Guatemala. I hope that my approach will keep young people involved too. A great many young people emigrate, or move to the cities, abandoning the traditional art of weaving because they believe they'll find more, and better-paid, work elsewhere. Those techniques, and that craftsmanship, need to be valued more. It’s a dying tradition of great quality, which will hopefully be given a new future.”

    available at Lucienne objects
    Que Onda Vos are just one of the curated labels that lucienne objects is pleased to offer on the west coast. With their roots in history, collaboration, sustainability, and natural processes, the pieces are a welcome addition to any home.


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